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Poor decision to halt mainline electrification says UKIP Derby South candidate Victor Webb

13th Jul, 15

THE broken promises of successive secretaries of state to electrify the mainline from London to Sheffield is a disgrace and another example of why the general public has lost trust and faith in the Conservative and Labour governments.

The halting of this project is damaging to the economy and the Midlands in particular. Once again, Britain's engine for growth has stalled as a result of poor political decisions.

Not only should the mainline receive the promised funding immediately for electrification but funding should also be put in place to open all the railway marshalling yards from the south to the north to take freight off lorries from the continent in containers.

This would result in a greener environment and a great saving in major road repairs as well as huge employment opportunities up and down the country. There would be major economic benefits.

If I had been elected as MP for Derby South for UKIP, it would have been one of my longer-term priorities to promote a revitalised railway freight transport system.

In Derby, I discussed the feasibility and viability of such a project with a railway engineer, a railway logistic expert and a freight haulier, who each agreed the scheme proposed was viable and would bring about enormous economic benefits.

I am still very much in touch with Derby matters and colleagues there and Derby can do a lot better.

I look forward to the opportunity to contest Derby South again.

Victor Webb (UKIP)

Ashdown Close

Tunbridge Wells