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Whichever party is elected, the EU will stay winners – reader's letter

17th Apr, 15

I AM very happy that Rick Nuth "I don't believe in any of these anti-EU fictions" (April 6), or anybody else, should cast a keenly sceptical eye over anything I write.

As my letter, on which he cast doubt, included reports and quotations of eminent supporters of the EU project, I wonder whether it was them or me whom he was doubting?

In many years of opposition to the EU, it would be surprising if I had got everything absolutely right but I have never knowingly misinformed or misrepresented anyone.

Mr Nuth does, however, misinform readers: I am not "anti-European".


I am opposed to being ruled by the political structure of the European Union – something quite different.

I quote from supporters of the EU project because they are occasionally more frank with their supporters than the leaderships of the main British parties are with us.

Mark Leonard is a keen Europhile, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. This is what he wrote in 2005 in an article entitled "How the EU deceives its way to power":

"Like an invisible hand, the EU operates through existing political structures. There are no European courts, legislatures or business regulations on display in London. The British House of Commons, British law courts and British civil servants are still there but they uphold and implement European (EU) law. By creating common standards that are implemented through national institutions, Europe (the EU) can envelope countries without becoming a target for hostility."

I, for one, am not happy at being ruled by foreign institutions. It makes a mockery of elections. Whoever we send to Parliament, it's the European Commission which gets in. The differences between the main parties are largely those of mere presentation.

Edward Spalton

Sutton Lane


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